This Porsche 911 Safari of 1978 can be yours and your price is not crazy

last week we told you about the sound team of Porsche Design that mimicked the output of the exhaust of a Porsche 911 GT3. This news also has to do with Porsche, with its model-more mythical, the 911. However, we speak of a version is so special and little known: the Porsche 911 Safari.

nueveonce” quite strange, since this model was prepared for the world of the rallies of land. The unity that we see in the pictures is for sale and, seeing the bubble in which is located the German model currently and the story behind this particular car, its price is quite “affordable”.

Is on sale at James Edition for a price of 129.900 euros. Okay, we agree, almost 130.000 euros can’t afford to buy any and, the point that most can take for the back of this unit is its mileage, as the marking tells us who has traveled a total of it’s 142,000 km. But wait till you see their strong points.

According to this commercial belgian on its website, the Porsche 911 Safari is in good condition and ready to use. On the other hand, takes the always palatable decoration Martini (demons, why do you always feel this decoration to any Porsche 911?). Regarding your engine, as it could not be of another way, you use a 6-cylinder boxer 3.2-liter “hung” behind the rear axle that makes 230 HP.

To be effective in racing the earth and improve to the maximum your motor uses knobby tires with a size of 215/85, mounted on rims 16 inches, and a limited slip differential mechanic. Keep in mind that, by its configuration and by the absence of assistance in the direction, it will not be the car easier to handle at low speed.

If you ask for your age, this Porsche 911 Safari was produced in 1978, so that it has almost 40 years. Despite its high mileage, we don’t be surprised if in a few years could multiply your price quote. You already know that Porsche 911, several decades and exclusivity are the perfect combination for the biggest speculators. In addition, conversions to Safari are becoming very fashionable today.

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