This preparation – very crazy – a Mercedes 300 has been created for driving in the desert

do you Want to move through the desert, catch dunes, with a lot of style? Do you want something very special, beyond the handy off-road, or the SUV of shift? Forget about the Bentley Bentayga, the Range Rover and the Porsche Cayenne. The car more special, which you can access to enjoy the dunes is, without a doubt, this Mercedes Benz 300 SE 1991 prepared for the desert. We speak of a preparation really extreme. Perhaps the craziest that we’ve seen a W126, and the most beast of a sedan of Mercedes-Benz.

This Mercedes 300 SE account suspensions lifted and off-road tires to meet between the dunes, in the desert.

To view the images, it seems that >this Mercedes-Benz 300 SE is conserved in perfect state. Jumps to the view that preparation stands out mainly by having a few suspensions, high, very high, and a set of tyres off-road with a lot of “ball”. It also has a team of auxiliary lights, which is important for night-time raids.

This car is now in Saudi Arabia. Its origin, apparently, is an import from Japan. A startling statistic by the fact that your steering wheel is on the left (in Japan driving on the left). Apparently for the images that they promote on Instagram, would be a finished modest, cloth seats and a six-cylinder engine and 188 HP.