This recreation we discover the design of the SUV from Volkswagen based on the Polo

Volkswagen Polo SUV - Recreación

The long-awaited new SUV based on the Volkswagen Polo will have a look similar to this recreation.

During these last few months we have been talking about and a lot of the new compact SUV that is working with Volkswagen. And it is not for less. And it is expected that this new model will play a very important role in the offensive SUV of the VAG Group. Although we still ignore the name that will have this new SUV that will depart from the base of the new Volkswagen Polo, to date we have been anticipating many details.

If you recently managed to take some spy photos of the “Volkswagen Polo SUV” with its body of production, today you anticipate the design that the new compact SUV German with this fantastic recreation. And as you can see, our designer has taken as a basis the spy photos that we have mentioned above. We find ourselves before a profile is quickly recognizable as it is in line with the rest of the SUV range from Volkswagen.

yes, what’s new most notable will be present on the front. A front in which, as we can see, will have some fog lights in square design and in which are embedded the LED lights for daytime running. This, combined with the headlights main design very sleek profile, it conveys a modern image and very urban.

Volkswagen Polo SUV - foto espía

This is one of the latest spy photos of the SUV based on the Volkswagen Polo that we have published.

on the other hand, the relevant defences of plastic of black color, the shape of its wheel arches and roof rails help enhance the feel of countryside and off-road of this small SUV. It is interesting to note also that it was anticipated at the time through the Volkswagen T-Cross Breeze Concept. So we cannot rule out some influence both on the outside as on the inside.

The Volkswagen Polo SUV will be manufactured in Spain

So it is, from long ago we know that Volkswagen Navarra will be the factory responsible for producing, along with the next Volkswagen Polo, this new SUV. Being based on the Polo, both models will use the same platform (MQB), numerous components and, most predictably, a range of engines very similar. It is expected that the model is ready to be manufactured from the year 2018.

¿When we will see it in the market? Although it is still too soon to venture a specific date, we must start from the fact that its production will start in early 2018, therefore, will be available from the first quarter of this year.