This render makes us imagine a possible minivan Tesla

Render Tesla monovolumen

Render of the front of a possible minivan, Tesla

Quite good things are going to the company of Elon Musk, one of the most impressive names in the last two years within the automotive sector. Despite the fact that it has questioned the safety of their vehicles after the accident occurred a few weeks ago when a driver died with the system “Autopilot” connected, the results of Tesla are still excellent.

Yesterday we spoke of two models, the Tesla Model S and the Model X, you can now incorporate a battery with greater autonomy and provide higher performance to the sedan and the crossover electric. We would like to know what is the idea of expansion that Musk has in mind for his car company, although it is very likely that in the medium term to see a vehicle similar to than we have in the image.

this Is a “render” performed by Theophilus Chin where we find an alleged minivan. In the front, it has basically “copied and pasted” the first half of the body of the Model X; and it is that it would be logical that Tesla maintained without many modifications to the image of the front and brand identity on all its models.

Render de la parte trasera de un posible monovolumen de TeslaThe changes come about from the central pillar to rear. In the render, it has been extended considerably to the ceiling and has remained totally flat until the end of the body, adding a small appendage aesthetic in the form of a spoiler. As the pillars come with color black and the moon are darkened, it gives the feeling of a floating roof.

The fall of the back is straight, almost vertical, with a slight curve on the large tailgate. Pilots lights are divided between the fins and the aforementioned gate. The bumper of this mpv “imaginary” is of very large dimensions and has a differentiated area of black colour on his bottom.

may not be among the plans of Tesla mpv of large dimensions like this, but seeing the good benefits that is getting the company and, above all, the great autonomy of the batteries, it would not be strange that shortly we found ourselves with a Tesla just as familiar as the of this render.

Source – Theophilus Chin