This seat is one that presents us with Lexus is simply spectacular

Asiento Lexus Kinetic ConceptComfort and ergonomics are two of the words that the brands they love to repeat time and time again, not to the point of efficiency, but neither are very far. What is certain is that the cars of today, besides being much more secure than the end of the last century, have given a great leap in terms of comfort, both when driving as the traveling passenger.

Suspensions of adaptive directions with variable assistance, controls, cruise and speed limiters, lower levels of noise and vibration that reaches the passenger compartment, even a few engines that force us less to resort to the gear lever, make trips of hundreds of kilometres us not to grow weary so much as before. The best quality and the highest livability inside, as well as a few comfortable seats also help that we can devour for miles without hardly fatigarnos.

Asiento Lexus Kinetic ConceptLexus has invested in developing this seat (it is still a concept that will be presented in the Paris motor show. The japanese brand has called Lexus Kinetic Concept, and has a design technology that improves the stability of the body and especially the head, to keep the field of view stable while we are going through an abrupt irregularity.

The upholstered seat frame is a flexible network in the form of a spider’s web that disperses the threads from the center to the edges of the seat. This fits best the body of the person, so that we have more surface area of support both in the seat and in the backrest, which increases comfort and, therefore, reduces tiredness to take several hours sitting in the same position.

tells Us Lexus that the threads of the structure with the shape of a spider’s web that we mentioned are synthetic spider silk, by reducing the use of oil and its derivatives, being greener.