This SEAT Leon Coupe will make you dream, can too pretty to be true?

SEAT already has been achieved. Already have an SUV for reference, the SEAT Ateca, a product that is called to dominate the list of the most sold. But what of the most passionate and sports? SEAT have the FR and the Cupra, with bodies of compact proportions. And why not a coupe? As things stand it looks far-fetched, but you will be with me who at the sight of these pictures of a SEAT Leon Coupe, a SEAT Leon with the body of three bodies, this option would be the sea of interesting.

In motor Competition: SEAT Leon STCC, the Lion King comes to us from Sweden

In reality we are not facing a model of street. For his immense spoiler, flared wheel arches, and the stickers advertising what you’ve imagined. This is the SEAT Leon STCC, a sport of racing designed for the championship, Swedish touring car.

This work of art is not a preparation for third parties to use. It is a sport of racing that has been designed and developed in collaboration between Combitech in its development center in Trollhättan, and SEAT Sport in Barcelona. And the result cannot be more impressive.


This SEAT Leon is based on the Cup Racer that competes in the TCR and the SEAT Leon Eurocup, to participate in the championship Swedish touring car.

This SEAT Leon of three bodies has been built on the basis of the SEAT Leon Cup Racer of the TCR and the SEAT León Eurocup. Ten designers and engineers have worked on its development, which today has led to more than 2,500 hours of work. The reason why which has a body of three bodies, and not of three or five doors, is not purely aesthetic but practical. The aerodynamics of the sporting career of three bodies is favourable, ideal, to compete with the sedans that are participating in this championship.

In terms of their technical features a V6 engine 3,500 cm3 and 420 HP of power, rear-wheel drive and limited-slip differential, a sequential change of six relations, brakes four-piston callipers and ventilated discs 370 mm in front and 360 mm rear, as well as some slick tires Michelin 260 / 660-18 in front and 280 /660-18 behind.


And what about you, you seem such a good idea as it is to us that SEAT launch its own compact, three-body and two doors, your own SEAT Leon Coupe?

Source: STCC
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