This sharp Lexus RX is the work of TRD

TRD, the division of sport, Toyota, has already prepared a catalog of accessories for the latest addition to the ranks of Lexus, a Lexus RX that receives accents more aggressive to your body and improvements in its cycle.

The new accessory kit TRD for the Lexus RX passes by a new front splitter, new side skirts and a rear diffuser which integrates a new exhaust system with a provision of 2+2 for the outputs.

According to Lexus these new added to the body of the Lexus RX meet, in addition to an obvious aesthetic function, a function aerodynamics, giving it rates high a increased stability. But there is more.

Along with these new details we found a new wheels, 22-inch as well as two shock absorbers located in the front and in the rear to give greater stability to the RX, reducing the rocking curve.

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Gallery of images of the Lexus RX accessories TRD: