This “skewer” Samsung transforms your old car in a car connected

it Is somewhat frustrating that every car that arrives at dealers is equipped with a host of technologies that they are hardly applicable with retroactive effect, to our old car. But that’s not going to be the case of the car connected. Samsung has just introduced their system Samsung Connect Auto, a device as compact as a pen drive, that connected to our car can give us features as interesting as GPS location of the vehicle, remote monitoring of consumption, volume of fuel in the tank, or even periods of maintenance, access point, Wi-Fi, and many other features that will be incorporated in the next few years.

With the size of a pen-drive, Samsung Connect Auto connects quickly and easily to the data bus from our car to transform it into a drive connected.

The operation of Samsung Connect Auto is as simple as connect a kind of pen drive to the OBD port II, the data bus of the ecu of our car. In this device so compact, it integrates an access point Wi-Fi to provide internet to the passengers, and a data connection for our car is permanently connected to the network.

Perhaps this latter aspect is the one that, a priori, we generated some doubts, because the system will be dependent on a data connection, with the consequent fees. Samsung has already signed agreements with some operators of technology, such as Orange, to implement in Europe a car service connected.


Will allow you locate the vehicle, make a follow-up of maintenance periods, consumption, efficiency, and many other functions that iran imagining developers working with the SDK of Samsung.

To stay connected to the OBD port II, this device is able to provide real-time information, from any place you have internet connection, the data recorded in the ecu. Data as our consumptions, or the routes that we have done in the last few days (thanks to its built-in GPS) to help us acquire the habits of efficiency and economy to save fuel. Samsung also envisions as the possibility that such data could be shared, at the option of the consumer, with the insurance companies, so that a low use of the car might result in a cost savings on the insurance policy.

geolocation of the vehicle, in addition to save some time surreal in the parking lot of a shopping center, can bring us peace of mind, as a solution to mitigate the theft. But obviously this solution is not the most adequate for this purpose. Also interesting is the function that will allow us to do a follow-up to away, from our mobile phone, a tablet, or a computer, the miles that we remain until the next scheduled visit to the workshop to carry out maintenance work.

What is interesting, beyond this first breakthrough, is that this system, which will soon hit dealerships, will be integrated into the software development kits (SDK) Samsung for developers to imagine new roles, and develop their own applications to increase the possibilities of this technology drive is connected.

And the best, without a doubt, that this system will be compatible with any modern car, even those who do not have a browser or connection interfaces for mobile phones.

Source: Samsung