This Skoda Octavia RS230 is a lot more interesting than it seems

Skoda Octavia RS230 por JE DesignThe Skoda Octavia RS is a model that, while it is not a pure sports, can make us travel with all the family at high speeds on all types of roads and with a step by curve very fast. Powered by the 2.0 TSI, well-known in the Volkswagen group, develops 220 hp and 350 Nm of torque. All this power is sent to the front axle.

Also there is a variant a little more differentiated on an aesthetic level called Octavia RS230, which, as its name indicates, delivers 230 hp. The differentiated power is minimal, only 10 hp, and the torque is identical, therefore, the performance difference between one and another are minimal. The RS230 you can perform the 0 to 100 km/h in a 0,1 seconds (6.7 seconds) and reaches 2 km/h more of top speed (250 km/h).

coach external JE Design has due think the difference between the two variants is minimal and that the RS230 you deserve to be able to deliver a greater energy, in addition to offering a sportier and to be heard when the driver so wishes. That is why it has developed a series of improvements, with a reconfiguration of the ecu engine, that make totally the difference to significantly improve the performance of the 2-liter TSI.

Skoda Octavia RS230 por JE DesignThe power passes from 230 hp to 300, while the engine torque of 350 Nm of the variant of the stock rises until the 430 Nm. Sincerely we are surprised that the Skoda Octavia RS230 improved by JE Design only get lower at 6.6 seconds, the time to perform the 0 to 100 km/h, that is to say, 0.1 seconds less. It is likely that the high energy it very difficult to channel for the front axle, high-torque engine, then skate more than desired the wheels of the Octavia modified. However, as the gain in recoveries of 80 to 120, for example, are much better after the reprogramming that gives us the preparer. Its top speed is now 258 km/h.

on the other hand, JE Design also offers a new exhaust system with a price of 2,500 euros. As reported by the preparer, account with regulation by means of the driving programs. In Eco and Normal modes, the sound is soft, while in Sport it opens a butterfly in the exhaust system to emanate a sound much more sporty.

in Addition to the performance and the sound, it also comes with a bodystyling exterior, which costs 446 euros, with new bumpers, low extended, new exhaust outlets, back spoiler and, in short, an image more dynamic. Also optionally, find some sport wheels in 5-spoke design 20-inch shod with rubbers Continental SportContact in size 235/30 ZR 20.

To finish the set and improve the already quick step by curve, JE Design offers its customers two suspensions improved, one that lowers the height by 35 mm thanks to new springs and another that leaves the car completely stuck to the floor thanks to a suspension with adjustable shock absorbers KW, yes, paying previously of 1,079 euros.

Source – JE Design

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