This smart fortwo offroad is off-road final: the madness of the day (video)

What do you need a car to meet outside the asphalt? Have a height suitable free, good tires, a suspension with a margin very loose, a few short overhangs to allow a good attack, and, why not say it, be lightweight, such as a smart. Perhaps it was precisely this last aspect that led to a daring driver to transform their smart fortwo in the off-road final. A beast that, believe it or not, you will love it. The smart fortwo offroad, that you’ll enjoy in this video, at least shocking.

Climbs the suspension, clipped overhangs, increases the width of roads, and put some tire field, as god commands. And the result is what you see in this video. A smart that is able to climb up walls and avoid evidence that would pulled many vehicles that are considered off-road.

we Speak of a preparation very extreme, that still does not stop to teach us the possibilities that can have a utilitarian urbanite, apparently simple, like the smart. See test of the smart fortwo.

And at this point the only thing that we ask ourselves, now that they are so fashionable SUV, how dare some day smart to launch a smart fortwo crossover, with elevated chassis, protections in their defenses, and other details worthy of a SUV?

do Not discard…

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