This spectacular Porsche 911 (993) hides a secret: it has an engine of Corvette!

what A Porsche 911 with engine in Corvette? Yes, from Ebay comes to us in a peculiar Porsche 911 (993) of 1995 that, in addition to being a creation of Rauh-Welt Begriff has a curious mechanical: under your skin dwells a mechanical directly inherited from a Chevrolet Corvette.

A preparation spectacular from beginning to end:

beyond your body kit this 993 has a interior that does not lack the backets or a roll cage.

flared wheel arches, very widened, heel cups, huge and a deployment aerodynamic spectacular in that it is not missing the front splitter, canards and a ginormous rear spoiler. But there is more.

In its interior we caught a cab to the height of what is seen on the outside and just open the door we get a new couple of backets and a roll cage. A new instrumentation, new upholstery on the dashboard…

Yes, time to move on to their mechanics. Just as we set out lines above this Porsche 911 (993) has been accompanied by a block V8-5.7-liter inherited directly from a Chevrolet Corvette, and yes, this block, the LS1, has entered the small vain back in the us before we found the mechanical boxer original.

This propeller has a power of 475 horses and for transmission has remained the manual gearbox original. In addition to continuing with the section mechanic, we find ourselves with a new air suspension.

does Your price? 93.000 dollars, a little more than 85,000 euros. Don’t seem to me precisely expensive.

Gallery of images of the Porsche 911 (993) with engine Corvette: