This spectacular Tesla Model S for children is more than a toy

Sooner or later it had to happen. Tesla has come to the smallest, with a vehicle of toy for children created under license by Radio Flyer. A vehicle created for boys and girls up to 37 kilograms, which from 500 $ (450€ at the current exchange rate) plus extras will offer a thumbnail version of the Tesla Model S to those who want to bring the pleasure of driving, and perhaps the conviction of the benefits of the electric car, to their children. In any case, and far from being a toy, this Tesla to minors is loaded with accessories and extras too to take into account.

The personalization, the technology of your batteries, and your equipment, make this Tesla Model S in miniature, a toy, that like his older brother, mark the difference with respect to the rivals.

The great novelty of this toy is in the use of a lithium-ion battery, more expensive but also lighter and with higher energy capacity than those used by the toy cars of their rivals. Reaches 10 km/h, although parents can also limit the speed, security, just 5 km/h. It is offered with two batteries, of 140 Wh, and 190 Wh, in three colors directly inherited from the genuine Tesla Model S (black, blue, and red), two choices of wheel (in silver finish or matte black), with a cover garage, and even tuition custom.

This vehicle is recommended for small, between 3 and 8 years, and its reserves have already been opened up to begin deliveries in may 2016.

Among other keys of the Tesla Model S Radio Flyer, the fact that you have a small trunk, headlamps, functional, back, and even a sound system to connect an MP3 player.

Source: Radio Flyer
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