This summer you can cool the cabin of your Jaguar F-Type from your “smartwatch” before getting in

If you have a Jaguar or a Land Rover of the last batch and you’re a bit “techie” these congratulations: this summer you’ll be able to control it from your smartwatch certain features of your car, such as air conditioning or opening and closing, you’ll be able to know your location, or check its fuel level.

These functions will be available from the summer:

With this application you can open and close the car, control the climate before you start or know where you left off.

This application is available for both the Android as for the Apple Watch and for all the new range of models, as well as the previous count with the multimedia system InControl Remote or InControl Protect,

Recall that in addition to the Jaguar F-Pace has been in charge of brand new system Activity Key, a bracelet designed for those who are going to make sport car, allowing you to leave the keys inside the car, locked, and can then open the car with this bracelet.