This teaser from Lexus promises something interesting for Detroit

Teaser lexus Detroit 2016In a brand like Lexus you can find two sides, completely opposite, but very well defined. On one hand we have cars premium, comfortable and ecological thanks to the hybrid propulsion systems. On the other hand, on the contrary, the sports models, rabid, and with large motors atmospheric. In the group of the past we can find models like the Lexus RC F, the sedan GS F or the supercar with a V10 engine a few years ago, took it to Lexus to the top, the Lexus LFA.

To judge by the teaser has presented Lexus with the occasion of the Detroit Auto show, seems to be that they qualify as a world premiere unprecedented will be more focused on the way of the performance and sportsmanship by the ecology and hybridization. The rumors have not been slow in coming after the publication of this image, in its title and metadata makes reference to a prototype FCV, that is to say, hydrogen. Recently, the japanese presented the LF-FC in the Lounge of Tokyo, a saloon concept will be powered by hydrogen.

Lexus LF-LC Concept de 2012

Lexus LF-LC Concept of 2012

Some rumors that take time listening to each other and which are fed by a coupe that has been left to see in repeated occasions with the camouflage, they talk about how Lexus could launch a sports coupe based on the prototype Lexus LF-LC 2012. A model of these features would be located above the Lexus RC in order to make shadow of rivals like the BMW 6-Series Coupe, with a approach sports are very present and very probably with a generous V8 engine.

Since then, as we are with the intrigue. If there are no leaks, we will know the surprise of Lexus the next day, the 11th of January at the Detroit Auto show.

Source – Lexus