This Tesla Model S has been split in half for a good reason: to become limousine

a few days Ago Big Slimes, a company with headquarters in Costa Mesa (USA), has published a video that shows one of the first steps to transform a Tesla Model S sedan: split the sedan in two halves. As is logical, has previously been proceeded to the emptying of the interior and removed the battery pack which is located under the seats.


This unit is the test subject for the first sedan Tesla

Let’s be honest, it already took a long time to appear an artisan work such as this. The sedan Tesla is a vehicle both for its design as its technology is very attractive and gives rise to use it as a base to create some genius. With the number of companies that are devoted exclusively to transform vehicles into limousines I found it odd in all these years that no one has decided to try the saloon of Tesla.

By the time we do not know the technical data of this limo but we are clear that will increase its 4,970 to go mm and length 2.960 mm distance between axes of remarkable shape in at least a meter to develop a cockpit tailor-made with all luxury of details, comfort and convenient amenities. That is, if, keep your system electric thruster is almost completely intact although comes to us reasonable doubt about whether it will build the largest amount of space under the seats to enter battery capacity the benefit to the autonomy, performance, or both.


Imagine that your electric thruster will be intact

it should Be noted that Big Slimes announces that , is now ready to receive orders of more limousines based on the Model S so the project should be more advanced than what we are shown. In addition this is not the first electric with the that the company because they once passed a Nissan Leaf through their hands.

on the other hand we are surprised that the vehicle builder customizable has on its website a “configurator limousine” in which you can choose the vehicle, traction, position of the steering wheel and engine type and then configure the cockpit with the seats desired, and materials gadgets electronic of all kinds as TV screens, sound systems 7.1, fridges, coffee and even a safe that is opened only by the fingerprint of the owner. Everything that the customer wants and more.