This Toyota GT86 multiplied by 9 its power source (video)

Dragster Toyota GT86 de 1.800 CV Toyota GT86 is one of those sports that draw the attention and that, despite not being of the coupes more powerful, succeeds in lifting the expectation and the desires of the passionate of the sport. Just yesterday you were showing the new special edition of the japanese model that would come to his market home, the Toyota GT86 Solar Orange. The variant that we knew yesterday has little to do with the unit that you’ll see in the video that we leave a few lines below.

unity protagonist of these lines has little to do with a Toyota GT86 stock, and is that develops nothing less than 1.800 HP, that is to say, a power that multiplied by 9 the 200 HP that the japanese sports brings of series. Has been prepared for drag races, known in the world as “Drag”, and just watch as it boots from a standing start and away it’s awesome.

According to Autoevolution and the information shown in the previous video, this dragster has been built in Australia, taking as a basis the impeller six-cylinder from a Toyota Land Cruiser, although with a large number of specific items and modifications to get the 1,800 HP at full performance. Turbo, materials of engine components, transmission, electronics, and of course, wheels, and bodywork, have been modified so that, in addition to such power, do not disintegrate in the first test of acceleration.

With their 1.312 kg of weight, this particular Toyota GT86 is able to traverse the quarter of a mile in 7,29 seconds, coming to the end of the route at a speed of 197 miles per hour, that is to say, 316 km/h. What is most surprising is that the person in charge of this spectacular dragster want your GT86 any day is below 6 seconds in the quarter mile. You must give a lot of fear sitting inside of this beast and feel like your organs want to exit your body through your back.

Source – Autoevolution

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