This van was old and covered with graffiti is to auction for 400,000 euros

And no, the world has not become even more crazy – although to see any news rebata this statement. This van american entry into years will soon be auctioned by Bonhams, and it is expected that their sale price to reach 400,000 euros. Of course that is not a van either. The van is simply a canvas for one of the most well known works of Banksy, a british artist known for his graffiti protest. This canvas is a van GMC from the years 70, used as transport for SWAT.

Black Humor and tons of social criticism. The street art of Banksy never disappoints, and has been imitated ad nauseum.

Banksy became famous accidentally, and in large part thanks to the mouth-ear. Their small graffiti protest gave the jump to the other side of the ocean on trips to be sporadic, and soon the british had a global impact, without that no one would know who she really is. Even today, his figure is as low as enigmatic. Be that as it may, in 2006, he organized an exhibition in Los Angeles called Barely Legal, and it is one of the works protagonists had as the canvas to this van in the late 70s.

banksy-furgoneta-1Was a van used by the special forces of the police, and she embodied her art. A child, approaching with a paper bag to a team of SWAT – armed to the teeth – with the goal of making it explode and cause a scare. Something that only a child could be considered a good idea, without thinking of its repercussions. An allegory, a somewhat macabre to the innocence of childhood that we’ve all lost many years ago, as well as to the excessive brutality of some police bodies.

on The other side of the van, bombed with tags, Dorothy of “Wizard of Oz” walks around with a flower in his hand. The interior of the van has been left empty, clean. The van has on your body small details that the most die-hard fans of Banksy and his black humor is not ignored. This work of art – it can’t be defined in another way – it was acquired to the own Banksy by a collector american after his exposure in 2006, and is the same as the currently sells.

Source: Hemmings