This video of the Mercedes E-Class shows that it is a S-Class in miniature (and that says a lot in its favor)

What one expects when climbing a Mercedes-Benz is to be found a level of comfort and luxury really high, exquisite finishes and materials. Unfortunately, from time to time, and part of that has not always been so, especially the compact models, derived of Class A and Class C. But you will be with me in that this is something that we could not tolerate in a Mercedes Class E. the Reason why Mercedes-Benz has in mind, with certainty, the design and the quality of the S-Class when it comes to designing the interior of its little brother, the new Mercedes s Class And 2016, that will come next year to the dealers.

The most important aspect that leads us to this reflection we already have in the design of the dashboard. Mercedes-Benz has opted for a format of double screen, which merges the entertainment system and navigation with a dashboard fully digital. Replace the dashboard for a screen is still a risky bet, especially in a segment that still appreciates the traditional. In any case, Mercedes-Benz has advocated for making their clients to engage in an environment very technological, as already happened in the new s Class. And I must say that that is appreciated.

In this first video of your passenger compartment we can see, in more detail, the design of the interior of the new Mercedes Class E.

Still would be to see that the settings are responsive to the perfection of the S-Class, something that a priori seems yes to view the images, and the quality materials employed, such as wood and aluminum.

Towards the end also shows an interesting detail, in the manipulation of the steering wheel that makes Hartmut Sinkwitz, head of interior design of Mercedes-Benz. The Mercedes E-Class will premiere a new touch interface on the steering wheel, which a priori is intended to facilitate the navigation through the menu of the onboard computer. An interesting aspect, and unprecedented in the automotive industry, on which we still have doubts, but we’re definitely looking forward to testing.

Source: Mercedes-Benz
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