This video teaches you about the creation of the beast, the engine W16 of the Bugatti Veyron

agree, the video is a few years and possibly quite a few of you have seen this already, but this does not make it less impressive. This is a video that shows us in detail the manufacture of the engine W16 8.0-litre that powers both the monumental Bugatti Veyron. Although the Veyron is no longer produced, it is expected that the engine 16-cylinder remains the base of its successor, the Chiron. Come in and see, but be careful, it is practically pornography for any lover of the automobile.

The engine of the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport has come to develop a whopping 1,200 HP from the factory.

The video does not shows us how you machined the block from a billet of aluminum, but we arrived just at the moment that fits the enormous crankshaft in the engine block. Then inserted the pistons into the block, and we are taught the attention to detail of the process: each piston is engraved with the logo of Bugatti on its stem, a detail that is only seen during the assembly of the motor or rebuild it (if necessary). The assembly process was delayed a whopping two weeks and is completely handmade.

it is Also impressive to see how some parts are received by the operators of the assembly line as if pieces of jewellery were. It is a pity that the video does not discuss the installation of the two overhead camshafts per bed – benefits of the arrangement W of the cylinder, it would need 4 cams to do otherwise – and go directly to the installation of the intake. Also, it is a very interesting piece that will appeal to the small mechanic who lives in our interior.

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