This Volkswagen Beetle LSR reaches 330 km/h at Bonneville

Volkswagen Beetle velocidad Bonneville What is the speed record of a Volkswagen Beetle? A question a little unusual having regard to the conditions of this model. The successor of the legendary ‘beetle’ is not a sport and nor has it sought to reach high speeds. But today we bring you the Volkswagen Beetle LSR, a copy made with the help of the trainer THR Manufacturing. To verify the results led to the salt lakes of Bonneville (Utah).

First I must say that the acronym LSR mean ‘Land Speed Record’, leaving clear the intentions of this Beetle. Although the model is still carrying the same engine 2.0 TSI four-cylinder, there are a few major modifications. New turbocharger, camshaft, connecting rods or pistons get the power to rise up to the 550 HP and 571 Nm of torque. It is converted in the Beetle faster, reaching 330,111 km/h.

Volkswagen Beetle velocidad BonnevilleTo reach a maximum speed so amazing to have been necessary other modifications. The power is still going directly to the front axle, but now with a limited-slip differential. tires have been supplied by Goodyear, are specific for this use and are shod in wheels keeled. It has been worked aerodynamics and reduced the height of the suspension.

The Volkswagen Beetle LSR has been equipped with two parachutes in the rear that will be of great help when you are driving 330 km/h. The interior features a roll cage and fire extinguishers. This copy will not have nothing to do with the production model which takes as a basis. The Beetle R-Line with 220 HP accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.7 seconds and speed tip is 231 km/h, quite far from what we could see.

Source – Volkswagen

Volkswagen Beetle LSR velocidad Bonneville
Volkswagen Beetle LSR velocidad Bonneville
Volkswagen Beetle LSR velocidad Bonneville
Volkswagen Beetle LSR velocidad Bonneville

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