This Volkswagen Golf of 740 CV is the Golf that Volkswagen ever dare to make (video)

Sleeper: refers to a sporty hidden behind an unassuming appearance. In Spain we call that a wolf in a lamb’s skin. And there are a few definitions that to speak of this Volkswagen Golf, which under the hood hides nothing more and nothing less than 740 HP. The latest gem to come out of Maranello, the Ferrari 488 GTB, only (sic) has 670 HP of power. It is clear why Volkswagen ever sold a Volkswagen Golf as well: because it is unnecessary, because there would be no lace trade, because it would cost a pretty penny, because it would be difficult to provide some minimum guarantees of reliability and safety. And we still love it.

This preparation so far-fetched he has spent these days by the hands of Matt Farah of Drive, which offers us her impressions in this 10-minute video that is well worth seeing.

To achieve these 740 HP, and as you may have guessed, this Volkswagen Golf needs more than a four-cylinder engine. Under the hood hides a V6 engine of 3.6 liters, or to be more specific, an engine of v-tight, the famous VR6 of Volksawgen, whose performance has been enhanced with a twin-turbo. This engine also features an automatic change of sports, a S Tronic that one day belonged to an Audi TT-RS.

But the million dollar question is the following, how this Volkswagen Golf of 740 CV is left to lead?

never ceases to amaze us that obsession of many coaches to bring up these levels benefits from a Volkswagen Golf, especially when there are bases much better to make preparations very crazy, V8, american, coupes, atmospheric japanese…

But this is not the first, nor I fear the last time that we see something as well, such as the Volkswagen Golf R 700 HP that Russia was facing a Lamborghini, or the Volkswagen Golf Mk1 with more than 1000 HP.

Source: The Drive