This week comes to the sale of the immense collection Duemila Route in Milan


Just there are a handful of these Lancia-Ferrari LC2 Group C.

This weekend takes place the Fair of Milano Autoclassica, which will take place the long-awaited auction of RM Sothebys “Duemila Route”, which goes on sale the full collection of Luigi Compiano, after been confiscated by the Italian authorities.

This businessman was convicted of tax evasion between the years 2011 and 2013, reason for which they were confiscated all their goods, among which sorprendentemnete found a huge collection of cars, motorcycles, boats and bicycles. The magnitude of the collection is such that RM Sothebys took weeks in to catalog properly all the batches, 800 in total, having to prepare a libretto specifically for this auction, which you can check by clicking here, if you want to take a look at the vast collection of Compiano.

As we show in its day, when the auction house british published the initial list of cars, the collection is simply huge, counting with over 400 cars, among passenger cars, classics, sports and racing models. Some of these pieces are extremely rare and difficult to see, as the Lancia-Ferrari LC2 Group C, one of only a handful of units existing.


Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary.

What is interesting about this collection is not its sheer volume, the largest of its kind auctioned simultaneously in Europe, but due to their legal character, to be seized goods go on sale, without reserve, . That is to say, all of the lots will find a new owner regardless of the price that is bid for them.

from 25 to 27 November, all the collectors will have as a goal the most valuable pieces of this collection, among which we highlight a Ferrari 275 GTB/4 6C with bodywork in light alloy, or the Bugatti EB110 GT and Maserati MC12, modern pieces of the collection, which had a print run very limited and exclusive.

More than likely, this will be an event whose results we provide remarkable surprises, since despite the high volume of lots to auction, they’re not going to miss interested in the majority of models for sale.We will keep you informed.