This will be the inside of the Mercedes Benz E Class 2016, whoa!

no, you’re Not seeing the inside of a Mercedes S-Class, you are before the inside the Mercedes E Class 2016. As well of awesome presents at least the dashboard and all the console instruments. A radical change with respect to the current generation, and that is that we had already noticed: Mercedes wants to bring the Class And his older brother


A stunning display will be awarded to all the dashboard

At the Detroit motor show early next year we will be able to know all the details specific, although it is not that they are many to know. In terms of design we’ve already seen it a hundred times. The Mercedes E-Class borrows the current philosophy of the brand, with smooth lines and a style that is very elegant.

In terms of the interior, there it is. it Is impossible not to notice the huge screen that crowns the dashboard. In fact, it is expected that the Mercedes S-Class by 2017 the take provided for him. And it is that there will be a lot of technology in the E Class 2016. There will be a large number of devices and systems of the latest generation.

One of the most impressive will be the parking system remote, although neither can we forget the cruise control self-contained, the digital key, the system Pre-Safe of latest generation, and a myriad of items. Changes all of which are bound before the advance of the competitors, primarily the BMW 5 Series, 2016, which also will go barefoot.

In the (mechanical nor are many details known. A few days ago we told how will be the engines that will drive the saloon. As some will have 184 HP, and from there on forward we will be able to select different versions, each of which is more powerful. As is customary the unit more prestacional will come represented by the E63 AMG with 510 HP.


in Addition the screen we see elements very common in the recent Mercedes

it Is assumed that the sedan will be presented together with its variant family, the Mercedes E-Class Estate in 2016, to which we have also seen circular during its development stage. Both will offer the same technological level, although this latter with a much larger space. These will add a version Maybach, that yes it will take more time to get to the.