This will be the map of supercargadores Tesla in Spain for the end of 2016


This will be the map of supercargadores Tesla in Spain to 2016

we’re Not going to fool you, Spain is at the tail european to recharging points of electric vehicles is concerned. We are light years ahead of other eu countries such as Norway or Germany. The Spanish legislation favours the existing energy companies, and Tesla wants to break this hegemony by very difficult that will put. So, for this 2016 the american company planned to install up to 13 supercargadores more, to which we must add the three of our neighboring Portugal.

in Spain there are Currently two seasons with supercargadores of Tesla. The first of them opened in the month of July last year, in Girona, which shortly after added a second one in Tarragona. Currently a third is about to open its facilities, in Valencia, so as to continue to expand for the Mediterranean corridor, the main route of growth of Tesla in our country.

But the americans have always shown their intention to open multiple channels of passage through the iberian peninsula. If we look at the future map of supercargadores, we see how almost all of the peninsula will be covered by charging points separated from each other by about 300-400 kilometers of distance. A distance that will help all the owner of Tesla to tour the Spanish geography once and for all, although there are provinces, such as the galician, which at the moment do not have that luck.

As we have already said at the beginning, the main hindrance to the plans of Tesla in Spain is the current legislation and regulations. The current Government approved months ago a draft law did not put anything easy the installation of recharging points for private, individuals. Thus favouring the current energy companies who rule in an abusive way the empire of the light. An abuse that Tesla is not ready to accept planting face first with the installation of these supercargadores and later with the batteries domestic Powerwall.

The units of Tesla in our country are counted by tens. The lack of these points, fast recharge, or any other point, has always prevented the expansion of commercial vehicles for the american company. Hopefully with the arrival of these seasons more people to throw at the purchase of a Tesla Model S or Tesla Model X, or any other power, as the stations are not meant only for the Tesla. There is No doubt that this change is for good, and that, little by little, and no thanks neither to the Government nor to the legislation, Spain, one of the leading countries in alternative technologies, it will go par with other countries of Europe. At least that’s what they expect Tesla and us.

In another term of information, the brand of Elon Musk, has presented recently, last Friday, a new model, the Tesla Model 3. A model that, for the money, is destined to break up and revolutionize the market of electric cars. Your price of $ 35,000 is so attractive that in just over 24 horasla american company has accumulated almost 150,000 orders. A madness, as the model in question is for the moment a prototype, so the final will not come until next year. Even so, it is a sample of the desire of the public to gain the service of an electric car in general and with a Tesla in particular.


This is the current reality, two charging points, and one more soon to open in Valencia