This will be the next Audi A6


With a look that resembles with the Concept Prologue that the German brand showed in CES Las Vegas the past year, we have the recreation digital that we will advance as will be the next generation of the Audi A6.

Aesthetically, it highlights the new grille singleframe hexagonal accompanied by the optical front LED angular thinner and the hood with two clear and fine nerves marked at the sides, which are going to be the distinctive traits of this new generation of design of Audi.

there stands the slight elevation of your waist, which supports a roof with a fall more rounded or the marked nerve on the side of your body, among the highlights and simple steps of a wheel. It is expected that the optical rear also receive OLED technology.

But here there will be all the changes, and it is at Ingolstadt have made an effort to develop the premium saloon on the second-generation platform MLB that you will share jointly with his older brothers the A7 and A8, this results in a a great weight reduction of the vehicle by the combined use of high-strength steel, aluminum and plastic reinforced with carbon fiber but maintaining, and even improving its structural rigidity.


Audi Concept Prologue. Lots of similarities with the upcoming Audi A7.

in Addition, and despite keeping dimensions similar to those of the current generation, has increased the distance between axles, width of roads, and have shortened the overhangs to free up space both in front and behind. This is the way that they will get to increase the livability inside of the sedan as well as the ability of your trunk that is expected to exceed the 530 litres.

In relation to interior details, for the moment it is not known officially, but it is expected that the introduction of new technologies with free wi-fi as well as the introduction of displays both the multimedia computer as in the scorecard behind the wheel.

we Still have to wait a few months until being able to see him in person but… What you you think?