This will be the seat of the Alpine 2017: lightweight and very functional

Alpine 2017 - asientos

So will be the seats I will have the new Alpine 2017.

In just a few weeks the resurgence of Alpine takes the form of the Geneva Auto show in march 2017 with the introduction of its new sports. In the absence of knowing with what name to be baptized, every time we get to know more about the details of the technical, mechanical and, ultimately, of its range. During these last few months we have anticipated exclusive to its range of engines to different levels of finish that will be available.

Officially, Alpine has followed a strategy of going to revealing details with “dropper” and, if not so long ago we detailed her worked ground effect, now it is time to get to know the seats that we find the access to your cabin. And as you might expect, are the seats of last generation to own a model of the features and benefits of the new Alpine.

Looking to create the seat, more functional, lightweight, comfortable and with a design consistent with the rest of the vehicle, the engineers of the French brand have managed to combine all these aspects to give as a result the seat that you can see in the pictures that accompany these articles. We guarantee that will provide a lateral support exceptional. It is obviously a very important data to transmit a unique driving experience.

Alpine 2017 - asientos

The seats of the Alpine 2017 will weigh slightly more than 13 kilograms. Will be very light and functional.

Ultralight. So are the seats that Alpine has designed for its new sports. Set a weight 13.1 kg and to achieve that figure, have employed a housing made of a single piece and a few lanes of support visible. Thanks to this manufacturing process and the use of lighter and stronger materials that are available in the market, the signature gala has been able to halve the weight of the seats with respect to that of the main competitors with which rivalizará your new model.

Its design allows for a lateral support very good for both the thighs, hips, and shoulders, which allow the driver to maintain control of the new Alpine up in the curves more complicated. On the other hand, the brand confirmed to us that features a collar and leather trim that let you enjoy a comfort very high.

on the other hand, and since we are talking about the new French sports which will soon be presented to society, it is interesting to remember that it may already be reserved, thanks to that Alpine launched the reserves of the “Première Édition”, a special edition release, the price of which will be about 55.000€ and 60,000€ in France. There will only be a 1.955 units available and to make sure we have a we will have to make a deposit of€ 2,000. The first units will arrive on the market starting next month of November.

Alpine 2017 - efecto suelo

Details of the ground effect that will have the new Alpine.