This will be the theme park of Ferrari in Spain


In may 2015, taking advantage of the Spanish Grand Prix, Ferrari placed the first stone of its first theme park in Europe. Now, Port Aventura has unveiled the images of the look you will present to the Ferrari Land in Salou, whose opening is expected for the end of 2016, but has been delayed until 2017. It will have 60,000 square meters and the access will be allowed for all ages. The main attraction will be the accelerator vertical, with its 112 meters will be converted in the highest roller coaster of Europe. This accelerator will be 880 meters long and will go from 0 to 180 km/h in just five seconds, with a maximum inclination of 90┬░.

in Addition, the park will feature other attractions that will, for the whole family, a major adrenaline rush and fun. For example, will feature two towers of bounce with launch in two directions, a track of races 570 metres and eight simulators. Beyond the emotions on the different machines, visitors will be able to feel like in Italy, with the recreation of the facades of major monuments such as the Colosseum in Rome, the Campanile San marco in Venice or la Scala in Milan. A theme park that will delight fans of not only Ferrari, but to the speed.