This Willys MB is giving war as a work vehicle, 74 years after being produced

Willys MB was one of the first off-road vehicles of mass production of the story. This jeep military was so popular that it would end up leading to the birth of a brand, from its legacy in the military. More than half a million of these small military vehicles were manufactured during the Second World War. Many were not used in combat, and others were sold as army surplus at the end of the conflict. This Willys MB was produced in the second production day, and still gives war as the agricultural vehicle.

The Willys MB had a length of only 3,36 meters and its weight of just 1.113 kilos allowed them to be easily transported by air.

The story originated on Reddit, where one of the users exposed to the Internet. The Willys MB that presides over this article is the property of her grandfather, and she uses it regularly as a work vehicle on his ranch in the mountains of Colorado. The car will still have its original components, and in the words of Redditor, is a car completely leaky, rusted and abused after 70 years of use in a hostile climate. And with everything, it is still working without complaint, carrying on his grandfather, roads, and areas with stones.

The Willys MB is without registering, you do not have papers, and your electrical system simply feeds the spark plugs of the engine 2.2 60 HP. Does not have lights and possibly the engine will develop half of its original power. Fortunately is very easy to repair and all maintenance has been done by the owner. An excellent testament to the durability of those small military vehicles. This MB was the number 1.163 produced. Willys went on to manufacture over 500 units per day at the peak of the conflict.

Source: Reddit
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