This year santa Claus is passed to Mercedes

Mercedes TravegoWith the Christmas just around the corner, it is impossible not to begin to breathe this atmosphere of lights, gifts and a fireplace. Of course, as every year, santa Claus will come to your appointment, and for this reason he is also working hard these days for the night of December 24 no one miss your gift. Although this year, perhaps, you do not need his sleigh. And is that Mercedes has prepared a Travego very special, a sled very special that isn’t missing the lights, the colors, and, in short, the christmas atmosphere of which I spoke.

The Mercedes Travego occupies the range of coaches of the German company next to the Tourism. It is one of the most important choices within the market, in which there is to emphasize the commitment of the brand to do a product round. The same firm has thought that it was time to give it another personality to the model, filling him with light, takes up to 135 LED colors, throughout the body, and choosing a design very christmas to the huge body of the Travego.

Mercedes TravegoThe designers have gone for a Mercedes Travego white. Along the contour of the coach have been dealt lights of three colors, blue, red and green. These bulbs can be turned on following an established programme with several stages, and may in the same way to disconnect from the cab. There are thousands of combinations to the lighting system, which can emit lights, fixed or flashing, to do that only to light of two colours on a default background, or even modify the speed of ignition.

In principle, this christmas Mercedes Travego is available in Munich for the customers who want to use it at Christmas. For the moment, the model already has scheduled some appointments, accompanying the Choir of the Regensburg Cathedral, to their Christmas concert, or to children with severe disabilities as part of an initiative of a company of Augsburg.

Source – Mercedes

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