Those wonderful (and frightening) crash-test of the BMW 1800 in the sixties

With a society in continuous evolution, and in the dawn of the first great oil crisis that anticipated the great transformation of the automobile industry, BMW set itself the great challenge of facing the new times with a series of cars that would know as Neue Klasse, or New Class. There would be born vehicles that would eventually be converted into cult classics, as the series 02, and in general products with more rational, as the BMW 1800 who star in this video. In those years, BMW is also proposed to encourage improvement in the safety of their vehicles, although to view these videos, and descontextualizándolo and comparing it with modern safety standards, it seems that the danger of travel by car in those years was really high.

Surprised by the requirement of the safety tests that were performed already by then, in the sixties, especially those designed to cause the overturning of the vehicle.

This video historical presents to us how the construction of the BMW 1800, and how did some security testing during the development process. Already in those years, in the sixties, submitted to the cars to demanding evidence of impact, crash-tests very comprehensive, with results shocking.

In the video appreciate tests such as frontal crash, side crash and rear, collisions with moving obstacles and rigid. We even see a special test that produces a blowout while the car is driving on a oval. We also see evidence of slalom cones, evidence of turning, braking distance, and even evidence of reversal which judging by the images little they could prove, beyond which the injuries of the passengers without a system of proper retention would be incompatible with life.

Via: Jalopnik
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