Those wonderful years when he played polo … drive!

Know the pole? Yes, the sport in which players ride horses and kick a ball with a taco, a rod-shaped hammer. It may sound more if I say that is the emblem on the poles of Ralph Lauren, a garment whose name, again, is no accident. The origins of the sport would have established six centuries before Christ. But if we get much more in time, until the twentieth century, and we understand that the car was the substitute horse, why not play the sport by car? No sooner said than done. Thus were born the self-polo matches.

The day that Ford invented the browser, before we had the GPS in 1964

Although before already had glimpsed the possibility of playing polo drive, the origins of this “sport” would be between 1911 and 1912 . Years that would have raised even as an interesting publicity stunt for dealers Ford Model T. In those years there were many who were really impressed by the spectacle of these parties, which was common overturning cars, crashes, players thrown into the air … Hence publications such as The British Auto, define the sport as a “game of lunatics.”

Although the pole drive comenzase to become popular in the United States, they also came to celebrate parties worldwide, including Europe , where the first tours of teams of American polo rushed to create hobby sport in Europe. The pole would drive enjoying relative popularity well into the fifties, as shown in these images.


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And all this comes about by a magnificent reportage published these days by Mashable. Item, if you’ve been bitten curiosity after seeing these images, you should read.

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The day that Ford invented the browser, before we had the GPS in 1964

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