Three companies from Uk, Germany and Italy will be the providers of the halo

The FIA has decided to impose the halo in the F1 2018 to protect the pilot’s head, the part most susceptible of being beaten with a tire loose, other pieces in crashes and also when the cars are assembled one above the other in the event of an accident. In regard to the overturning of the cars, as you know, there is a structure, anti-reversal for some years now, but in case of getting the car upside down it will be more difficult to get out to the pilot because of the halo… even for the extraction of the pilot in case of need the medical complicates the matter.

These are the advantages and disadvantages of the halo-level security. But it also has disadvantages at a technical level, the most striking and unfortunate is the weight (14-16 kg). The teams have had to redesign the entire car to reduce weight, and able to adapt to the new structure, since there is new evidence the FIA, a new crash test very difficult to pass without breaking the cockpit. Aesthetically it is also not nice for the fans, though juicy to put the logos of the sponsors to be a highly visible part. And for the pilots will have to be something awkward to cover part of the visibility.

part of the inside may not be painted, since bold colors may distract the pilot from the inside, that is to say, the part that you can see the pilot from within his cockpit will be black, the optical fiber as it is. But the decoration on the outside will change and teams will paint that part to bring it into line with the rest of the vehicle. You also have aerodynamic appendages, as we have already seen in some cars during the last test, as is the case of McLaren that it has added aerodynamic profiles to reduce the enormous impact aerodynamic will.

And finally we have also known that the FIA has authorized three companies of United Kingdom, Germany and Italy as manufacturers and official suppliers approved for the season 2018. Each team may choose between these three manufacturers and will not have to manufacture their own prototypes as of now. They will be building the halo for the teams with margins of profiling to optimize up to 20mm (2cm). We also know that the price, depending on the design and what you can pay for the computer, it will go from 15,000€ cheaper.

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