Three Lada 2109 make the Spinner the world’s largest [video]

Some guys russians decided to assemble three Lada 2109 for the manufacture of a giant Fidget Spinner that manages to rotate a shape very awkward.

Seguramente you will have heard of the Fidget Spinner, a toy craze among children, and to which we awarded benefits to improve the attention-deficit. It is a small toy that fits in any pocket, even if in Russia, as you know, everything is different.

a Few guys russians have decided to enter into three old cars, to transform them into a Fidget Spinner giant. It is three Lada 2109, which were split into halves to join their front parts forming a single body. When the three riders hit the throttle and they ride the car, this Lada Frankenstein begins to rotate, although with movements somewhat clumsy and a lot of smoke from the tires.