Three little GTI more expensive than the Ford Fiesta ST

Know well small GTI, Ford Fiesta ST, Renault Clio RS, Peugeot 208 GTI, SEAT Ibiza Cupra and company, but what happens below these options? beyond these alternatives, which in most cases exceed 20,000 euros, we find three interesting alternatives that flirt with the 140 – 150 hp and that may be a perfect candidate to fill your garage if you are looking for a utility with some sporty approach and don’t want to/can you make with one of the alternatives mentioned before, but what models are we talking about?

Ford Fiesta ST is left to the doors of this comparison with a price, with discounts, 21.075 euros as well as other alternatives such as Alfa Romeo Mito 1.4 TB 140hp or the Volkswagen Polo Blue GT.

Opel Adam S – 18.437 euros

Both the Abarth 500 and the Opel Adam S offer us greater levels of customization.

Gets a Opel Adam, put a motor 1.4 Turbo 150 cv under the hood, add a kit aesthetic sports (notably the rear spoiler) and a few Recaro seats and uses OPC to their brakes. Finally, add an S to its name and “ready”, you’ll have a smaller GTI willing to get more than a smile and to provide you with an extra distinction between the urban fauna.

The price of the Opel Adam S is 21.015 euros, a price at which we must deduct currently comprised 2,578 euros leaving us with this vitaminado Opel Adam from 18.437 euros, a price can be lowered even more if we deliver a car to the Plan PIVE.

Abarth 500 – 18.950 euros

1440_595_Competizione_01Design classic Italian and the seal of the scorpion. A perfect formula for giving life to a small marina, a Abarth 500, in its version in a more rational place at our disposal, by 18.950 euros, 140 horses along with new details in its bodywork, sport seats in its interior, a revised part cycle… and much, much charm in your design.

SEAT Ibiza FR 150 cv – 15.030 €

unlike the previous two, this alternative does not affect so much on this image more cute and exclusive that if you can brag about the Adam or the 500 but to change us, offers 10 horses more than these and a price that is more restrained and is that by resorting to the mechanical 1.4 TSI 150 hp, SEAT Ibiza FR has a starting price currently, discounts are already included, 15.030 € .


the image of The Abarth corresponds with the version 595 Competizione.