Three Tesla Model X dance a dance, synchronized christmas for us

I Never thought that a car could be the soul of a traditional feast. Imagine a celebration with your orchestra, your bartenders, your bar free… in which the orchestra are three Tesla Model X recently opened. These three crossovers electric are a revolution in its segment, for details such as their advanced doors robotic, or your system anti attacks biochemical – seriously. For the feast of Christmas, in Tesla, they have put these three Model X to dance for us, in a play synchronized lights and movements of the most curious.

Playing with her headlights LED adaptive – and in general with all the lighting of the car – the three crossovers follow the beat of the music. The Tesla Model X is already amazed at the assistants to the act, but it is when they start to move your doors type “gull wings” which claims bats. Also open the front doors to the beat of the music. Tesla has released this video with the title “Merry Model X-Mas”, but he should have been released on Halloween. The effect would have been much more powerful.

The Tesla Model X is a crossover with up to 762 horsepower electric. In his “Ludicrous” acceleration, the Model X P90D makes the 0 to 96 km/h in just 3.2 seconds. Figures worthy of a supercar of high flights, not a crossover electric two-ton, seven-seater, and 413 kilometers without emitting a single gram of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Its price starts in at 132,000 dollars, although you can get some discount with the referral program of Tesla Motors.

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