Thus is manufactured the Ford Fiesta in Spain 40 years ago

if you did not recordabas, this year will mark 40 years of the Ford Fiesta. The subcompact Ford meets nothing more and nothing less than four decades. Four decades Ford has been making their cars, without interruption, in the factory in Almussafes, Valencia. We have already spoken of the beginnings of the Ford Fiesta. How he was to be called Ford Bravo, to finally receive the approval of General Motors, which had registered the name Feast, and baptize one of the utilities most prolific of the modern era. But how is manufactured the Ford Fiesta 40 years ago?

Pulling file we find a video of the time, to be concrete, 1978. A video that extols the industrialization Spanish, and above all the progress in Valencia, where they formed the iron and steel plants of Sagunto and established the Ford plant in Almussafes. Today there are more than 2,000 cars daily, and it’s been years since they exceeded the magic figure of 10 million Ford vehicles produced in Spain.

40 years Ago the situation was quite different. The own Henry Ford II was inaugurated in 1976 a factory that, forty years later, it generates up to 18,000 jobs in the area, and works with more than 80 companies engaged in services and supplies.

it Is interesting to look at the process of manufacture of the first Ford Fiesta, which according to the announcer, it was “a factory high-tech”. And it was certainly that. There is more to see the machines of stamping, the robots in charge of welding the car body, or trucks that carry the cars to facilitate the assembly of engine and transmission employees, in an assembly line of 5 kilometers in length.

But also impress other images, that I assure you today it would be completely impossible to see in a factory, such as the stamp of the worker with the cigar in the mouth by placing the plates in the machine clamping.

Many things have changed in 40 years, but the factory is still in place, and with more force than ever. Which is already saying a lot, if we take into account the fate of many european factories, such as that of Genk (Belgium) which has already been closed, or the United Kingdom and Germany, which are facing a cut 10,300 workers. It is expected that this year in Almussafes will exceed 420.000 units produced, 97% of which will be sent out of Spain.

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