Thus, the manufacturing of the new Volkswagen Tiguan in Wolfsburg, in 42 images

the production of The new Volkswagen Tiguan in Wolfsburg has already begun. While we make the bag to travel to Germany to try it out, the factory of Wolfsburg is already producing the second generation of the todocamino compact German. Its launch is imminent. The Volkswagen Tiguan is the great novelty of Volkswagen for this year, a product that arrives this spring – specifically at the beginning of may to the dealers in europe with a new platform, new design, more length, width and low, and with more technology to meet the needs of those who are looking for a todocamino, for the field, or for asphalt. But what about its production? The Volkswagen Tiguan is manufactured in Wolfsburg and in this gallery of 42 images show you how the process works.

A tip: Wolfsburg produced a total of 815.000 cars in 2015. In any case, its ability in full performance allows the production to 3,800 cars a day.

The plant in Wolfsburg is the largest factory, by extension, and by the volume of production of Volkswagen all over the world and also one of the largest of all of the automotive industry. The Wolfsburg is also the factory-oldest in the Volkswagen Group. Remember, it was the first factory erected in Germany to start production of the “car of the German people”, the Volkswagen Beetle, before the Second World War broke out and all the industrial strength had to be used in the machinery of war that are contending in Europe in those dark years.

The importance of this factory, for Volkswagen and for Germany, it is such that Wolfsburg is actually a city founded around the Volkswagen factory, which after the Second World War he resumed the activity, as under the british occupation, to contribute in the reconstruction of a country devastated by the war.


let’s Talk figures. Wolfsburg produced a total of 815.000 cars in 2015. With these figures it is clear that we are in one of the factories most important, by volume, of the world. This factory has capacity to produce up to 3,800 cars per day, not to mention the amount of components that are also produced in Wolfsburg, such as transmissions, and pieces of plastic, designed to other factories of the Volkswagen Group.

volkswagen-tiguan-fabrica-wolfsburgo-31In Wolfsburg not only produces the new Volkswagen Tiguan. The versatility that provides for the employment of a common platform, the famous MQB of Volkswagen, allows that with a little adaptation this factory can produce on the same assembly line models that are as varied as the Golf, Golf Sportsvan, Golf GTE, e-Golf, the Touran and, of course, the Tiguan.

Not only is it interesting that the same production line can deal with the process of manufacturing of bodies so different as the Golf, the Golf Sportsvan, the Touran and the Tiguan, but also that they can produce models with mechanical as different as a combustion engine, an engine purely electric, or a plug-in hybrid.

volkswagen-tiguan-fabrica-wolfsburgo-28Along with the Volkswagen Golf, the Tiguan is one of the most important products that are manufactured in Wolfsburg. Recall that Wolfsburg is in charge of the production in exclusive Volkswagen Tiguan for Europe. This year will also begin to occur in north America, in the factory of Puebla, in Mexico. A very important decision to meet the demand for the Tiguan, which will also be offered with the body of 7-seater, in the united States.

More information: Visiting Volkswagen Mexico, the place he was born the last Beetle.

volkswagen-tiguan-fabrica-wolfsburgo-20last month Volkswagen claimed that it had already been booked 15,000 units of the new Volkswagen Tiguan. From the day that Volkswagen reported this fact, at the beginning of march, it is likely that those numbers have grown significantly.


finally, one more piece of data. Since Wolfsburg began their activity, this factory has produced more than 43 million cars. Until they ceased to occur in Germany in 1974 – although it continued to be produced in Mexico – Wolfsburg went on to manufacture a total of 11.916.519 units of the Volkswagen Beetle. Although, by far, the Volkswagen Golf is the car is manufactured in Wolfsburg. In September 2010, with the sixth generation of the Volkswagen Golf, came to the unit number 15 million.

Source: Volkswagen
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