Tiago Monteiro wins in Vila Real joy of her public


Few feelings are comparable to win a race in
home to your fans
. And that is the experience that has been lived in the ‘Main Race’
of the WTCC in Portugal, the whole time
Tiago Monteiro has taken victory in
Vila Real
. The pilot luso has unleashed the fiesta in the small town
Portuguese after winning to Yvan Muller and Norbert Michelisz in a race that
by the conditions on the track has turned out to be quite flat in terms of
‘Pechito’ closes a weekend discreet in Portugal, although
maintained its strong leadership in the World of passenger Cars.

Tiago Monteiro got the 50% from his victory in the output after nailing the time of the traffic light. The Portuguese was asserting thus his pole to roll over Yvan Muller, Norbert Michelisz, Rob Huff and ‘Pechito’ López. Behind, Nicky Catsburg was stealing the wallet, Mehdi Bennani to win up to two positions at the start, while Hugo Valente did the same and ran in ninth position after overtaking in the last instance, Tom Chilton, although it is true that the pilot of Lada added a few first meters of career remarkable by taking off to Thompson, Dahlgren and Colonel of in front.

The first few laps were left out of the race, Robert Dahlgren after damaging one of the wheels of the Volvo S60 Polestar TC1 and a Drive Through for Tom Coronel by skipping the output, error totally forgiven for the pilot Dutch after winning the ‘Opening Race’. For his part, Thed Björk was going to tighten ‘Pechito’ Lopez to suffer with the thrust of Nicky Catsburg after having a small error in the output of one of the curves. An issue that with the passage of the turns allowed, among other things, that the first five riders escapasen, rolling all of them in 2.3 seconds.


With the first half of the race completed, and with Rob Huff as driver more aggressive in this group of head, what is certain is that only a bug could cause a change of position. And what is true is that the own Huff took it to the limit to Norbert Michelisz to try to overcome the pilot Hungarian. Even if Huff played even the rear of the Honda Civic pilot’s Hungarian, in the end, the attack of the champion of the WTCC in 2012 was in water of borage, since the positions did not change during the last lap in Vila Real.

In this way, Tiago Monteiro got the victory at home,
in what has been the triumph more emotional of the trajectory of the
the Portuguese pilot
. Second, for its part ended Yvan Muller in a race
solid and in which, however, has not threatened the leadership of Tiago Monteiro in
any time.
The podium as he closed for his part, Norbert Michelisz after
stick it in the last lap the attacks of Rob Huff, without a doubt, the pilot more
active in the second half of the race.
Jose Maria ‘Pechito’ Lopez ended
in and out of Vila Real without adding a podium

Thed Björk was left with the sixth position after enduring
the attacks of Nicky Catsburg
, irrespective of its large output could not
progress more positions. Behind the pilot Dutch,
Mehdi Benanni
he finished as the best private pilot
since the eighth general position of the
career, surpassing Hugo Valente and Tom Chilton, who have been
the two pilots in charge of completing the points. A step behind,
James Thompson has closed the podium virtual private pilot’s Trophy WTCC
although with a much lower rate of Bennani and Chilton.

Classification main race WTCC 2016 in Vila Real

Position Pilot Vehicle Time / Difference
1 Tiago Monteiro Honda Civic WTCC 14 laps
2nd Yvan Muller Citroën C-Elysée WTCC +0.821
3rd Norbert Michelisz Honda Civic WTCC +2.181
4th Rob Huff Honda Civic WTCC +3.402
5th José Maria ‘Pechito’ López Citroën C-Elysée WTCC +16.164
6th Thed Björk Volvo S60 Polestar TC1 +17.374
7th Nicky Catsburg Lada Vesta WTCC +17.904
8th Mehdi Bennani Citroën C-Elysée WTCC +21.614
9th Hugo Valente Lada Vesta WTCC +23.054
10th Tom Chilton Citroën C-Elysée WTCC +23.364