Tiff Needell take the close to Fifth Gear, and with your good-bye will be a big

This coming Friday will be recorded … the Latest episode of Fifth Gear! With this news we woke up today after discovering the latest tweets released by its host star Tiff Needell. The presenter is british announced through his personal Twitter account this Friday will be recorded in the last chapter, leaving in the air his continuity in the world of the engine and of the motor program.

At the level of didactic and objectivity, the gear of the Fifth Gear is a great loss

In a time where the world of television of the motor has taken a turn of 180 ° to fabricate a new Top Gear and the trio skull work now to Amazon to develop The Grand Tour, we will unfortunately have to say goodbye to another of the great programs of engine that has given british television. Although Tiff Needell began at the wheel of Top Gear in its first bars sharing the cameras with a young Jeremy Clarkson, Needell would leave that project to change the chain and log, giving life to Fifth Gear in 2002.

Fifth Gear bet by a format less controversial, a philosophy much more objective about the analysis of the present engine, tests, and trivia, addressing a myriad of topics that are extremely interesting that even we have shared here. Perhaps you sound reporting as what happens if it circulates with the engine without lubricating oil, what happens if you make a mistake when you refuel or check if it is possible to recover the power of your old engine.

After an unbroken run of 29 years presenting either Top Gear or Fifth Gear it feels weird not to have any filming dates in my diary!

— Tiff Needell (@tiff_tv) may 22, 2016

Tiff Needell announced through his Twitter account that for the first time in 29 years that I wore in this world, their agenda had a long white space with no shoots or new projects. The limited information released about point out that the chain ITV4 in which it is issued the program Fifth Gear would not be for the work of renewing for one more season, something that is not exactly new, but which may now have meaning goodbye final the program.

So busy enjoying Mille Miglia forgot to point out @FifthGearTV on @ITV4 on Friday was the last one ever recorded. And no news of any more …

— Tiff Needell (@tiff_tv) may 22, 2016

No official statement to the view, both ITV4 as the copresentadores Vicki Butler-Henderson and Jonny Smith has not confirmed the final cancellation of the program. Even so, everything points to the worst of outcomes, either for the cancellation, without more, or by a change of format, trying to withstand the onslaught of the new Top Gear and The Grand Tour