Time-lapse of the weekend: this has been restored Corvette No. 1 million that the earth swallowed

Do you remember the story of the Corvette Museum? It happened in February 2014. It happened in February 2014. Security personnel from the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, received notice of an alarm. When they came to the scene, a gaping hole 13 × 18 meters deep and 9, had opened on the floor of the museum and the earth had swallowed eight classic and precious Corvette. Although the tragedy was inevitable, the museum was able to recover the situation. Video recording security became a YouTube phenomenon, with millions of views. And despite the catastrophic state of some cars like the Corvette No. 1 million that you see on your screen, did not hesitate to proceed to recover and restore .

Now we can see how it has carried out the restoration of this Corvette in a time-lapse of less than 3 minutes.

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This is the Corvette No. 1 million that was swallowed by the earth at the Corvette Museum

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