Times and where to see the 24 Hours of Le Mans 2017


the race of The races. The quote queen of the resistance. Many are the names that receive the most important test of the calendar of the WEC. The 24 Hours of Le Mans is the epicentre of the Endurance World and in and of themselves, a single entity with a dynamic very different from the rest of competitions and test that are played around the world. The mysticism that surrounds this event, held in The Sarthe, scoring a double in terms of championship and the work specific to the brands, teams and drivers to get your victory turn this race into something unique.

The 85th edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans is born as a direct duel between Porsche and Toyota, the only two manufacturers that remain in the class, LMP1. Porsche appears with two units of the 919 Hybrid with the purpose of defending the victory harvested in 2016, while Toyota puts all the meat on the grill with the presence of three TS050 Hybrid after losing the race on the last lap last year. Toyota Gazoo Racing party with a numerical advantage, but that means nothing in a race where the new LMP2 will have an important weight the result of its high speed in a straight line.

Within the 60 cars that will compete this year in Le Mans, there are two Spanish riders. Antonio Garcia will be at the controls of the Corvette C7.R #63 along with Jan Magnussen and Jordan Taylor in the category LMGTE-Pro, same in which it competes Miguel Molina after promoting from LMGTE-Am by Ferrari 488 GTE #71, official vehicle of the brand of Maranello in the that will be put up alongside Davide Rigon and Sam Bird. Both will take part of a 85th edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans who already has a full programme of activities on the track and away from the same.

Schedules of the 85th edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans

Día Inicio Final Sesión Duración
Thursday 01/06 09:00h 18:00h Technical Checks 540 min.
Friday 02/06 09:00h 17:00 Technical Checks 480 min.
Friday 02/06 10:00h 17:00 Pit Walk 420 min.
Friday 02/06 16:00h 18:00 Checks Pilots 120 min.
Saturday 03/06 08:30h 16:00 Checks Pilots 450 min.
Saturday 03/06 10:00h 17:00 Pit Walk 420 min.
Saturday 03/06 16:00h 16:30 official Photo straight goal 30 min.
Sunday 04/06 09:00h 13:00 Session 1 official test 240 min.
Sunday 04/06 14:00h 18:00 Session 2 official test 240 min.
Día Inicio Final Sesión Duración
Sunday 11/06 11:30h 12:30pm Race rubber ducks 60 min.
Sunday 11/06 14:00h 19:00 Checks Pza. Republic 300 min.
Monday 12/06 09:30h 18:00 Checks Pza. Republic 510 min.
Monday 12/06 18:00h 18:30 Mark of the champions 30 min.
Tuesday 13/06 10:30h 10:45 am official Photo of the pilots 15 min.
Tuesday 13/06 15:00h 23:00 Exposure to Them R Hunaudières 480 min.
Tuesday 13/06 17:00h 18:30 autograph Session 90 min.
Tuesday 13/06 19:00h Projection Film Official
Wednesday 14/06 10:00h 15:00 Pit Walk 300 min.
Wednesday 14/06 20:00h 21:00 Concert of Babel 60 min.
Wednesday 14/06 21:00h 23:00 Concert of Amir 120 min.
Thursday 15/06 09:00h 17:00 Exposure Arnage dans la course 480 min.
Thursday 15/06 20:00h 21:30 Concert of Jive I 90 min.
Thursday 15/06 21:00h 22:30 Concert of The Celtic Social Club 90 min.
Jueeves 15/06 21:30h 23:00 Concert of The Celtique Social Club 90 min.
Friday 16/06 10:00h 20:00 Visit the pit lane and track 600 min.
Friday 16/06 17:30h 19:00 Drivers Parade (Le Mans) 90 min.
Saturday 17/06 20:00h 21.30 Concert Poison 90 min.
Saturday 17/06 21:30h 23:00 Concert of Kool & The Gang 90 min.
Saturday 17/06 23:00h 00:00 Concert DJ Loran 60 min.
Día Inicio Final Sesión Duración
Wednesday 14/06 16:00h 20:00 practice Session of the WEC 240 min.
Wednesday 14/06 20:30h 21.30 Session free Road to Le Mans 60 min.
Wednesday 14/06 22:00h 00:00 Classification 1 WEC 120 min.
Thursday 15/06 10:30h 11:15pm Session free 1 Porsche Carrera Cup 45 min.
Thursday 15/06 11:55h 12:40 Session free 2 Porsche Carrera Cup 45 min.
Thursday 15/06 13:30h 13:50 Rank 1-Road to Le Mans 20 min.
Thursday 15/06 14:05h 14:25h Classification 2-Road to Le Mans 20 min.
Thursday 15/06 15:30 16:30h Classification Porsche Carrera Cup 60 min.
Thursday 15/06 17:30h 18:25h Carerra 1 Road To Le Mans 55 min.
Thursday 15/06 19:00h 21:00 Classification 2 of the WEC 120 min.
Thursday 15/06 22:00h 00:00 Classification 3 in the WEC 120 min.
Saturday 17/06 09:00h 09:45 Warm Up the WEC 45 min.
Saturday 17/06 10:15h 11:00 Carrera Porsche Carrera Cup 45 min.
Saturday 17/06 11:30h 12:25h Race 2-Road To Le Mans 55 min.
Saturday 17/06 15:00h 15:00h 24 Hours of Le Mans in the WEC 1440 min
Sunday 18/06 15:00h 16:00 Final and podium Le Mans 24 Hours 60 min.

Where and how to follow the 24 Hours of Le Mans

The previous sessions and the 24 Hours of Le Mans can be followed entirely by Eurosport. The thematic channel of payment is present in the main platforms such as Movistar, Vodafone, Orange, Telecable, R and Euskaltel. The broadcast of the race is divided between its two channels, Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2, accommodates these changes to the programs, summaries of 24 minutes on the event itself. In addition, the sports channel offers Eurosport Player, an alternative online that you can use on any device. Its price is 4.99€ a day or 19,99€ / year. It is likely that there is an alternative of hiring monthly.

There are other alternatives to continue the 24 Hours of Le Mans. You can hire the ‘Live Experience’ of the FIA WEC by 32,99€ with a validity for the entire season. Of time the official website of the contest does not offer a model of individual hiring for this test, although in the above quotes of the WEC have existed for an amount of 4.99€. The ‘Live Timing’ free on the website of the WEC and the usual channels in social networks (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Dailymotion or Instagram) of the event and the ACO are a good complement, like the web, Le Mans the own promoter.

The third alternative is to follow the 24 Hours of Le Mans is the different ‘Live Timing’, ‘Streaming’ and cameras ‘on board’, provided by the manufacturers competing in The Sarthe. Porsche, Toyota, Aston Martin, Ford or Ferrari are some of the manufacturers present in the 24 Hours of Le Mans.