Times of criticism in the Formula 1


The Formula 1 live difficult times in terms of audience and impact, but also seems to go through an internal crisis. The category has always had its quirks, but several former pilots, technicians and team leaders agree that in these moments the Formula 1 does not provide all the opportunities they should to the young pilots, which is related to the excessive budgets that they manage the equipment, and sometimes requires ‘pilots’ of payment’ of a lesser talent. The last to join these recurring criticisms have been Nigel Mansell, Jacques Villeneuve and the former team boss Giancarlo Minardi.

“I Want to see a grill full of cars. I Want to see 26 cars so that the young pilots of GP2 may have an opportunity to accumulate experience in the lower part of the grill. There they can show their potential” explains Nigel Mansell, who also adds: “You need stability in the regulations so that the small teams can survive. we Must lower the costs. All of the changes with the turbo, especially in regards to the motors, are a genuine” madness”. The champion of 1992 believes that: “The cars are easy to drive, but if you are aggressive arruinas your tires and you go slower. The DRS is crazy”.


Jacques Villeneuve shared the opinion Mansell: “I have the feeling that Formula 1 no longer passionate fans. The pilots already are not seen as heroes”. The canadian says: cars are the biggest problem, since they are too slow and easy to fly. I also bother the loopholes of asphalt. The pilots are out of the plotted ideal and nothing happens to them. I know we can’t go back in time. For me, the DRS has made overtaking more boring, worse, the show”.

As a good ex-chief of team, Giancarlo Minardi attacks the Formula 1 from a prism more economic: “It’s mind-boggling to spend more than € 400 million and have a team of a thousand people for two cars. it is Also crazy to pay 25 million for a unit of power when a few years ago they were worth 6 or 7 million”. The Italian also believes that small teams are the ones that support Formula 1 and the manufacturers will come and go, without regard for anything the category. Toyota, BMW, Jaguar and Honda are the examples that appointment that was the owner of Minardi F1 Team.