Timo Scheider can continue with Audi away from the DTM


Hockenheim was a good-bye very bitter for Timo Scheider. After sixteen seasons in the DTM, the German pilot saw the night to the morning, Audi Sport will confirmed -some say that on the phone the day before – that he did not renew his contract. Despite having hopes of following in the German contest, Timo Scheider was composed and without girlfriend, something that he expressed in the farewell press conference in Hockenheim. Both parties failed in the forms and maybe that is why it can be reconciled, since Timo Scheider has confirmed that you can continue as you pilot Audi away from the DTM.

The champion of the DTM it seems that you can have a ‘second chance’ in Audi Sport, the entire time that the brand has tried to amend his mistake -in forms, not in the decision itself – with a new sport proposal for Timo Scheider of which have not transcended details. The German pilot as well as explained: “Sunday in Hockenheim, I met with the presidents of Audi. they told Me that they were keen to work with me in the future. We have to talk about this, but let’s see what is on the menu for next year”.

For the moment, Timo Scheider will compete in the final appointment of the World Rallycross in Argentina, although the margin of this participation, its future is still an unknown. In the present and if you leave the DTM at the margin, Audi Sport has strong programs in the WEC, Formula E and the length and breadth of the world with a successful racing program-client with the Audi R8 LMS. With the first two tracks almost discarded, a complete program in GT3 with an Audi R8 or compete in the World Rallycross would seem to be more realistic options, every time that Audi also has some presence in this last contest.