Timossi-Ferrari Arno XI (1953): a cavallino water as fast as the asphalt

Were in the 50’s, and Europe was beginning to recover from the terrible Second World War. Racing returned to shine, in the form of a multitude of Great Prizes. speed racing on water were also popular, and in the early 50’s was made one of the boats most mythical of history. It was called “Arno XI”, and was manufactured by the boat builder Cantieri, which was attended by the Scuderia Ferrari as a partner of luxury. This prancing horse water was very, very fast.

The engine of Formula 1, this boat already had helped Ferrari to win the world championship in 1952.

After having competed during the 40 years in competitions of speed with a boat of construction own – the Arno – Achille Castoldi wanted to amaze the world. The aristocrat Italian wanted to beat the record of speed on water, plain and simple. To do this, had to build the boat final: a hydrofoil is a high-performance with which to ply the waters of Lego As more than 200 km/h. I had the financial resources to do this, and just needed someone to build his boat… and someone with a motor.

His good relationship with drivers like Alberto Ascari and Luigi Villoresi was his entrance ticket to the world of Enzo Ferrari. Il Commendatore had no qualms in selling to Castoldi one of their brilliant engines, Type 375, Formula 1, 4.5 liters of displacement and an estimated power at 385 HP. Ferrari owed him a favor Castoldi, who had been jealously guarded during the Second World War, several Alfa Romeo Formula 1, keeping them safe from bombing, looting, and the vicissitudes of the conflict.

With the engine in its power, Castoldi turned to Cantieri, a famous builder of boats, to begin the construction of the “Arno XI”. A beautiful racing machine, whose main structure was made of wood, with a sub-frame of rails of metal for the hull. On this structure was constructed a body, very similar to that of a competition car, by hand, in aluminum. Painted in Rosso Corsa, with the emblem of the prancing horse in mind. A Ferrari of water.

the hull of The ship was built in polished wood, giving the machine an awesome look. All the power of the V12 Ferrari was transmitted to the water by two propellers twin, that spun up to 10,000 rpm. A boat competition with the Castoldi reached 200 km/h on the water in their first competition. Before the rise of its competitors, sent the engine back to Maranello, where it was adapted to the use of methanol as a fuel and shoes with two displacement compressors. The result? 600 BHP of power.

This boat has a connection very directly with the automotive world, called Enzo Ferrari.

With a propeller modified, Castoldi came to mark the world record of speed on water: 241,708 km/h average speed over a mile timed in the Lake Iseo. It also managed an average speed of 164,70 km/h in a distance of 24 nautical miles. After the withdrawal of the competition Castoldi, the hydrofoil was sold in 1958 to Nando Dell’orto. The runner Italian increased the power of the V12 up to 700 HP and ordered a rebuild of its bodywork specialist Carrozzeria Boneschi.

Were Carrozzeria Boneschi who gave the boat its present aspect, with a grille that resembles the mouth of a shark and a rear stabilizer vertical. A genuine cavallino water. Arno XI was forgotten when Dell’ Orto retired from competition in 1968, but the boat was restored a few years ago and was auctioned in 2012 by almost a million euros. Since then competes in all its original splendour in a variety of racing events classic. A lovely machine, with a great connection automotive.

Source: RM Auctions
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