Tips: 5 reasons to buy an SUV… and another 5 for not doing so


From birth have been a success. todocamino have been gaining a good market share with the passage of time, showing that this is not a fad but have the interest of the public. And each time more. Aware of their success, each time more brands are targeted to the cart and launch models todocamino of all sizes, characteristics, and tastes.

To understand each other, we can call crossover, SUV or todocamino. Yes, there are small differences between them, but in this article we are going to ignore the thin line that separate them to refer generically to those urban models or compact with the appearance of off-road and a certain height ground clearance greater than that of the conventional vehicles.

The popularity of the SUV has converged in a series of defenders and the detractors of this type of vehicles what Is a purchase rational? do you Serve for something or just for show? We will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of an SUV in front of the subcompact, compact or saloon equivalent.


  1. however much one is a fan of the todocamino, what is clear is that his acquisition is more expensive than that of a conventional tourism. To give some examples, we can mention that a Peugeot 2008 is about 2,600 euros more expensive than the 208 equivalent, a Seat Ateca costs around 3.300 euros more than the Lion, a Renault Capture costs around 1,100 euros more than the Clio, or a Hyundai Tucson worth about 900 euros more than the i40.
  2. With the SUV not only us rascaremos the pocket when purchased, but also to keep them because they generally have a increased consumption, and eject more pollutant emissions cars. Spend more money on fuel because they tend to be heavier and by the greater height of its body, which affects the aerodynamics negatively. If we also have a awd system, differences in consumption can be significant.
  3. Related to the above, you can’t ignore the fact that the crossover feature benefits more poor and are less agile. This consequence is due to its high center of gravity and the greater weight affects the inertia. On many occasions it is also seen by some suspensions with a bozo that seeks to foster the comfort to overcome bumps and obstacles in front of the poise in the road.
  4. Probably not as safe as a conventional tourist. Despite popular belief, bigger does not mean safer. In the event of an accident, SUV’s are not safer than conventional vehicles, but in many cases happens to the contrary. It is a matter of physics: the SUV’s have more weight and inertia, so that the kinetic energy to disperse in case of impact is greater, which can be potentially harmful to the occupants.
  5. Many critics of the SUV claim that the purchase of this type of models is not justified in most cases because it tends to be done only by image, being a mere matter of social status. As the usual profile of a buyer of a todocamino never go out of the asphalt, the critics point out that the purchase does not have in mind the functionality and not done in a rational way, but that is done to get a certain halo of exclusivity that is supposed to have the atv’s, and lacks a minivan or a family equivalent.

Be that as it may, if the todocamino have been as successful among the public is by offering many advantages, you also have to assess because they have as much weight as their inconvenientes.



  1. Without a doubt, one of the great values of a SUV is the attractive design. The aesthetic is fundamental to obtain the favors of the public, for this reason, the crossover typically have hard lines, hoods bulky, bumper, large wheel arches with oversized, chrome elements wheels and great size.
  2. todocamino feature a greater free height to the soil that allow you to address routes free range without the worry of grazing the low, or that the stones hit the body. It is clear that any SUV is more effective off road than a conventional tourism equivalent thanks to their suspensions raised. Useful tracks of land, but also to not leave the bass in steep gradients of garages, and even in some of the excessive speed humps (also called guards lying or highlights) with some sympathetic municipalities fill in their municipalities.
  3. Even with a frequent use out of the asphalt, an SUV is more rational that an off-road vehicle if you’re not driving on roads very complicated. And also easier to drive, since there is no need to worry about gearbox or locking differentials. The majority of users of todocamino will not go never in the asphalt, or when they do will be driven by tracks in good condition, and good proof of this is that the majority opts for a 4×2. For that type of use, a crossover-it meets perfectly, especially if mounted a few tires mixed. An off-road pure and hard allows you to venture out to tracks very broken and faced great obstacles but why pay more for a technology that is not going to take advantage of?
  4. Another of the arguments most frequently put forward by the users of todocamino is sitting higher, resulting in a better visibility, allowing you to dominate the environment, thanks to having a wider field of view. This circumstance also implies a plus of comfort when you enter and exit the interior of the car, especially in the case of older people or those with mobility problems.
  5. Nor can we overlook the more versatility of the SUV by being a mix of tourism, minivan and off-road. The habitable interior is more exploited, especially in height for the occupants, some of them already offer up to seven seats, the load capacity available is generally superior to that of their counterparts in the asphalt and allow some other getaway jacket.


In short, and as happens in any other segment, a crossover can be one of the best options of purchase, but always and when the characteristics of these models are adapted to the profile and the needs of common usage of the buyer. In addition, about tastes there is nothing written.