Tips for a safe holiday motorcycle

You shall traveling by motorbike these coming summer holidays to the desired destination where you can get away from your worries for a few days? In the following lines are some tips to make your bike holidays the safest way and prudent as possible on the road.

Consejos para una escapada segura en moto Summer is synonymous with leisure and travel beyond the borders of your own hometown. The bike becomes the means of transport where many choose to when making their summer trips or weekend getaways, for its comfort, freedom of movement, speed and flexibility.

This summer, more precisely, DGT gives a total of approximately 81, 5 million displacements , most of whom (a total of about 43, 2 million) will concentrate during the month of August . Along with so many movements, we must emphasize the deployment of 10,000 agents the Traffic Civil Guard, which devoted 80% of their time monitoring system.

safe getaway motorcycle in the summer

Before you start your break especially motorcycles to move to the desired destination and see you in the middle of this jumble of cars, you need to take into account a number of important factors Insurance on the roads. First you need to create a general review of the bike to make sure everything is in perfect condition, is especially important to check the condition of wheels and brakes.

Escapa segura en moto este verano You must also remember that curves is one of the main points of accidents for motorcycles, so care must be taken when accessing such sites. As appropriate, in these cases, it slower specify later to go faster, it becomes more possible to speed the curve decline. It recommended reducing haste because the rear wheel may slip out of control and get out the way you had set.

For it is formed traffic puts you right to the left of the car you want to go ahead, even if you are stopped, give your full attention to the mirror to determine that nothing happens that threatens your own welfare .

With voltage caravans opportunities accidents increases. Recently, DGT advertised rates of traffic accidents during the year, registering total 91,570 accidents in 2014 , with 26% in urban road and 74% road.

moto este verano Faced with such events are when we realize how important it involves bicycle rental insurance to receive financial support necessary for personal injury and property damage caused by such collisions. To do this, you should rely on a quality assurance and mutual, which can now also take € 50 plus 50% discount on motorcycle insurance. You can see more here .

On the other hand, if you are forced to implement steep slopes , the best thing you can do is put your body weight as far back as possible to download the full weight of the front . To not turn your body forward, in the event of brake especially what you can do is to keep the tank with legs.

Viajar seguro en moto Also you will save utmost care if you go accompanied . In such situations it is advisable to go to the limit recommended by the manufacturer to reduce the extra effort on the rear tire pressure, the limits of about 0. 5 more bars. At the same time, to avoid stops, what one can do is to increase the bias of the rear suspension. Also, you have to remind your partner that you hold at any time give some guidelines to drive and can follow your movements.

is very important to learn to control and administer brakes . You must remember that when you brake, front running with all the work, but not to put the rear, where the benefits are outstanding at the beginning of the turns. In the event that in the first moments of the rear brake pedal actions, make the bicycle may be much more balanced to not pass the weight to the front abruptly.

Seguridad en las carreteras con tu moto Other tips to consider include, for example, learn how to make faster and tighter turns and maneuvers once or practice as being short. To achieve the latter, you can go to a parking and turning in both directions, moving your body for balance and play with clutch and rear brake on board.

What other tips would you add you to implement safe getaway motorcycle summer?

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