Tips for hiring motorcycle insurance

Plan bicycle rental insurance can deliver the necessary financial support in case of an accident? You must pay attention to some basic factors before relying on the services of a particular company.

Consejos para contratar seguros de moto

The price and any discounts or offers included in certain products, is for many of us in one of the elements that most pay attention when employ a that or trade commodities market . But for greater security and enjoy a high quality service, we have to stop and think and do a comparison in this regard.

What to know before hiring a bike insurance?

When bicycle rental insurance , you not only have to look at the product itself, but also on their specific characteristics and conditions that is going to cover. In this sense, we must take into account Liability Coverage in motorbike insurance that will cover previously established by law in relation to injury and generated third party damage, both personal and material of the insured motorcycle.

If the insured is at fault for each claim, the insurance company will cover up € 350,000 for material damages and 100,000 for damage caused to the property third parties. In all this, will also be included medical expenses, both medication and hospital stays as high medical expenses or funeral.

¿Qué saber antes de contratar un seguro de moto?

[1999002 there] On the other hand, it is certainly Further liability , up to the limit of € 50 million, trying to cover all risks for accidents to third parties indefinitely. Finally legal defense and claims provide assistance and protection to the legal level, bail and legal fees, as well as compensation for damage and loss caused to the bike.

Also need to know different offers you can find in the market, so compare benefits and some other insurers. Not only do we look at the prices, but also in other details, but especially consider what is the most complete product.

For example, in our blog Motor think one of the most effective and safe are those that can be found at AXA . At this time, also offer an opportunity to free the so-called “ Detector OnBike ” if you hire their service before July 31, 2015. The detector is a device of small dimensions that we can help locate geographically . Suppose you have some unforeseen accident, and you find yourself alone, inform Central Detector that will call you and send a health service and / or mechanical emergency. Besides heralds a powerful impact on bicycle through E-Call service , in case of theft you get your bike thanks to an agreement with the Ministry of Interior.

 contratar un seguro de moto Meanwhile, regardless of where you are, you can find it without difficulty download app Axaonbike . Furthermore, in the event that the bike suffer any sudden movements without contact is set, an alert will activate the security protocol Detector appears.

Another advantage we found in AXA for bike is that you get maintenance fee for this service during the first three months, plus benefit one 10% off in the event that your bike is a NACK, Custom, Trial or tourism model.

When rent your bike insurance new should not forget that you must cancel you already have in place provisions of law, where Article 22 an obligation to communicate with at least two months before discharge or termination of an insurance contract is established.

seguro de moto Finally reviewing hedge you have hired and seek to adapt to your real needs, since you may eventually end up with unnecessary coverage or high deductible.

What other advice añadiríais before rent your bike insurance

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