Tips for maintaining a motorcycle

For those using bike every day is important to perform periodic maintenance of the . In addition to assessments by an authorized workshop, in this post we will give you some advice to us the matenimiento chain and tires our bike .

Consejos para el mantenimiento de una moto

What should we revise our bike?

When it comes to tires must tread depth review . Knowing when to replace wheels use a € 1 coin and if your drawing is shallower than the thickness of the gold of the coin is the time to buy us a new one.

Another aspect important to remember is the tire pressure we will consider once a month. Many gas stations are machines for blowing the same, but we should not rely on hitting that mark because it does not tend to be well regulated. From recommend buying a portable gauge to verify that pressure is correct.

¿Qué debemos revisar de nuestra moto? In addition to the tire must carry out periodic chain maintenance undergo tension and lubricated. We will look at it when the wheel spins the chain does not touch anything, otherwise it will be necessary to tighten it.

If we feel that we can do it yourself, but here we recommend taking the bike to the store for better balanced. The chain must always be well lubricated, especially if we move through places where it rains, as it is a fundamental part of traction on the bike.

periodically the status of , and if we see that links rail (signal directly affecting sprocket) continue to lubricate. We recommend using lithium grease and not a spray stain as this will avoid excessive tire.

Put into practice these tips for maintaining your bike and roll!

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