Tips for selling used car

Want sells secondhand car ? Well, if you’ve already made the decision, there are precautions that you should consider. If you are in doubt how to sell your car , where and payment methods, today in our blog engine we explain the steps in this operation.
vender el coche de segunda mano

Points to consider when putting on sale second hand car

-To get an idea of ​​how sells secondhand car You can check offers both sellers and individuals. So you know the market trends, pricing, branding, years old.

If the final price of the car is our less than € 4000 better choose supports free advertising in print or digital version. But if the price exceeds this figure, it is best to choose newspapers, magazines and digital payment. Of course, in announcing the secondary car must include several images that it should be a reproduction of the vehicle (wheels, see the dashboard, seats, engine, etc).

If your car features a series of interesting extras browser welding equipment, radio CD MP3 compatible stereo, alloy wheels, traction and stability controls or automatic climate control, among others, highlight it in the ad.

-The maintenance checks vehicle must be updated, and if the technical inspection is about to be adopted, it is desirable that the seller previous pass. These points are very positive for the future buyer.

Flexibility When contacting prospective buyer and negotiation skills. You must attend the meeting with the buyer at a time arranged by both you and answer your questions.

-A time to sell, the safest thing to ask the buyer to be a bank transfer in our personal account.

great to sell a second hand car is -Love put a price slightly overestimated to negotiate with the client and so both parties are satisfied. Similarly, in order to sell the car in the best possible way, must shine, be very clean and repaired at the time to show our client

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