Tips SEAT to travel with the family this winter

Consejos para viajar con niños en invierno

¿you’re Going to make a family trip in the car this winter? Are you one of those who is desperate to travel with their children for long hours? Don’t worry, the guys of SEAT have published an interesting infographics through which we offer a whole series of tips and tricks with the ability to keep the younger kids of the house in their seats without listening to time and time again, the mythical question: have We arrived already?

If you are traveling by car with children, the entertainment is essential

In particular, and as we propose from SEAT, the first thing that we must have clear is the anticipation and organization. At the time of making a car trip with the whole family, it is very important to have an itinerary main and secondary are well-structured. The relevant stops every two hours are a mandatory if we want our children not to despair in the car and, furthermore, to be able to go to the bathroom and stretch your legs.

Another aspect that we must have very in account to the hour of travel in car with children, is to bring blankets, pillows, water and chewing gum to prevent dizziness. In addition, if the children are traveling in comfy clothes or even pajamas and cover up with a blanket, there will be many more possibilities that they may fall asleep, thus making more enjoyable the drive.

Consejos para viajar con niños en invierno

you must take into account the leisure inside the car

Many of the cars we’ve tested is equipped with different multimedia environments for the entertainment of the squares later. In particular, I’m referring to the portable DVDs with which you can make animated cartoons to entertain the kids. We can also put a disc of music that they like, although many times, the more traditional games are what works best for you.

that Is to say, play words chain, the classic “I spy” or count objects that we can see through the windows of the car are an excellent alternative to avoid fights, cries and complaints. Of course, needless to say, the driver should avoid all kinds of distractions and will, in this case, the passenger or any other adult in charge of entertaining the kids.

Infografía Road Trip de SEAT